Want to Exhibit?

The Westcoast Small Home Expo targets a growing audience of consumers who know that smaller is better. Small homes target an interesting mix of people who are making lifestyle changes for vastly different reasons.

  • Those downsizing to a more convenient retirement lifestyle.
  • First-time buyers who don’t want to wait to own their own home.
  • Conventional homeowners looking to add a rental suite or income to their existing property.
  • Multiple generations who want the convenience of living on the same property, without sacrificing privacy.
  • Those seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, without sacrificing quality or the ability to customize their living space.
  • Urban dwellers who desire the culture and convenience of a condominium lifestyle, and are willing to sacrifice square footage to live in an urban area.
  • Growing families with clear needs for convenience, technology, and adaptive furnishings.
  • Stylish consumers who realize that beauty is not a necessary compromise when one wants to lower their carbon footprint.

We can offer you access to this very specific market, for a much lower cost than a standard advertising approach. And much more!

We have experience creating and managing events that target specific audiences of up to several thousand attendees. We use tested and proven strategies that enable us to build a list of proven consumers with highly specific needs, and keep them engaged. Our social media campaigns specialize in getting hyper-local, and working in partnership with our Exhibitors and Sponsors, which is why they come back year after year after year. Let us invite you into our family, and show you how we can help promote your product or service to thousands of qualified consumers in your local area.

For information on Exhibitor opportunities, please reach out to Booth Sales Rep Margaret Rowell, at margaret@smallhomeexpo.ca, or by phone at 778-823-1494.

Booth Pricing & Contract

Please download our Exhibitor letter [link] and contract [link] for more information.

For our Tiny Home Village, please download a separate Exhibitor letter [link] and contract [link], which has special pricing for larger parking spaces.

Floor Plan

Our current floor plan diagram is available to download here. (PDF) (But it is currently under revision.) Booths are available indoors in sizes ranging from 10×10 to 20×30, in addition to large exhibit spaces. If you wish to exhibit a tiny house or other large structure in our Village, please reach out to Show Manager Barb Nelson for custom pricing, at barb@eventsplusmanagement.com, or by phone at 604-328-0029. There are only a limited number of indoor large-exhibit spaces available, but many more outdoor spaces are available.


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